iScanner App Review

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription

The iScanner App (lifetime subscription) offers a range of useful features for individuals seeking a convenient and efficient way to scan and manage documents.

Key Features and Capabilities

The iScanner App boasts various features that enhance document management on the go. It allows users to digitize a wide range of files such as contracts, tax forms, tickets, receipts, handwritten notes, and assignments.

The app supports exporting files in multiple formats including PDF, JPG, DOС, XLS, PPT, or TXT. Additionally, it offers AI-powered tools like automatic document border detection and adjustment, text recognition in multiple languages, color correction, noise-removing features, and the ability to sign documents manually or add a signature from an image.

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription

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The iScanner App performs well in terms of its scanning capabilities. It accurately detects and corrects document borders, ensuring a professional and polished appearance.

The AI-powered text recognition feature is particularly useful for extracting important information from scanned documents.

The app also offers additional scanning modes such as ID Card & Passport scanning, math problem solving, area measurement, object counting, and QR code reading, which further adds to its versatility.


The design of the iScanner App is intuitive and user-friendly. The interface is clean, making it easy to navigate and access various features.

The quality of the scanned documents is generally high, with accurate colors and clear text. The app’s built-in PDF editor and file manager provide additional convenience, allowing users to edit, merge, split, number pages, insert footers, and add watermarks. The ability to protect confidential scans using PINs adds an extra layer of security.

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription

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Ease of Use

Setting up and using the iScanner App is a straightforward process. The app is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 15.0 or later.

Once installed, it is easy to begin scanning and managing documents. The simple controls and drag-and-drop functionality of the file manager make it a breeze to organize and access files.

The app’s user-friendly interface eliminates the need for extensive training or technical knowledge.

Value and Pricing

The iScanner App offers value for both personal and professional users. The lifetime subscription option ensures long-term access to the app’s features and updates.

Its pricing is competitive compared to other scanning and document management apps on the market.

While some free scanning apps exist, the iScanner App’s additional features, intuitive design, and overall performance justify the investment for those seeking a reliable and comprehensive scanning solution.

iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription

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  • Versatile scanning capabilities with multiple scanning modes
  • AI-powered tools enhance document quality and editing options
  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly design
  • Secure document protection with PIN lock feature
  • Lifetime subscription provides long-term value


  • Not available on all platforms, limited to Apple devices
  • Some features may not be necessary for casual users
  • Limited 200 MB cloud storage inclusion

Overall Opinion and Recommendation

The iScanner App is a standout scanning and document management tool that delivers on its promises.

Its comprehensive features, intuitive design, and efficient performance make it a valuable asset for users who frequently scan and manage documents. While it may not be suitable for casual users or those on non-Apple platforms, it provides a reliable and convenient solution for individuals seeking a powerful scanning app.

Based on the evaluation of its key features, usability, and overall value, we recommend the iScanner App for those in need of a versatile and efficient scanning tool.

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Note: It’s always advisable to check for any free trial options or test the app before committing to a lifetime subscription to ensure it meets your specific needs.




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