Chatbase – Build Your Own AI Chatbot in Seconds

Chatbase – Build Your Own AI Chatbot in Seconds

Chatbase is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to build an intelligent, dynamic chatbot powered by ChatGPT. With this amazing AI chatbot builder, you can easily create a personalized chatbot that matches your brand’s personality in just seconds.

Chatbase makes it easy to customize your chatbot with any online or offline data. You get the ability to edit the base prompt to change the chatbot’s vibe to fit specific projects or campaigns. Plus, you can add a profile picture, choose a light or dark theme, modify the text bubbles, and change the chatbot’s opening greeting.


You can also quickly embed the chatbot on your website as an iframe or support widget. You can even add frequently asked questions as “suggested messages” so users can get answers without bogging down your support team. Best of all, you can prevent your chatbot from being used on other sites by entering a list of allowed domains.

Overall, Chatbase is perfect for bloggers, customer support, and small businesses who want to create an intelligent ChatGPT-like chatbot. It’s a great alternative to Intercom, and comes with Zapier integration so you can easily streamline your workflow. Plus, Chatbase offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you.



We highly recommend Chatbase for anyone who wants to upgrade their customer service and quickly train their chatbot with any online or offline data.

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